PLYMOUTH, Mich. –   Burroughs Payment Systems has entered into a Master Dealer Distribution Agreement with Silver Bullet Technology to sell, support, and distribute its EZ-ACT™ ATM Automation Software.   The EZ-ACT Software will be available to Burroughs’ authorized resellers and end clients in conjunction with ATM product and services sales, according to Larry McCarter, Senior Vice President – Customer Services, Burroughs Payment Systems.

EZ-ACT Automatic Check Transfer Software

The EZ-ACT solution, co-developed by Silver Bullet Technology and ABC Coin, allows banks to plug check image ATMs into their existing deposit-processing software.  It allows banks to leverage their existing software and dramatically reduces the labor required to process checks and cash deposited at ATMs, according to McCarter.

“Built on a long standing partnership between Burroughs and Silver Bullet that has delivered check automation to the marketplace” said McCarter.  “EZ-ACT provides an efficient, cost effective deposit solution backed by the excellent customer support our customers enjoy.”

Bryan Clark, CEO, Silver Bullet, said, “Before EZ-ACT was developed, the integration of check image ATMs was a risky business.  By leveraging their existing deposit-processing software, banks and credit unions are no longer exposed to the risks and high costs associated with developing custom software.”

About Burroughs Payment Systems
is a Plymouth, Mich.-based global provider of document and payment processing image technology, cash automation solutions and services to financial institutions and retailers. The company’s products provide banks and commercial customers with safe, secure and prompt document and cash processing which improves operational efficiencies and payment security.  With more than 100 years of history, Burroughs is recognized as the industry leader in image processing technology from web-enabled branch and merchant capture devices to high-speed reader/sorters in some of the largest payment processing centers worldwide.

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About Silver Bullet and ABC Coin
Silver Bullet
( is recognized as the foremost expert in the use of check scanners to automate deposit processing.  ABC Coin ( is one of the largest independent distributors of coin and currency handling equipment in the United States.  ABC Coin focuses on self-service machines and branch automation.

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