ATM Deposit Automation is the future.
The high cost of getting there is now a thing of the past.

Streamlined Processing

Simplifies the process of handling checks deposited at the ATM.

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Powerful Automation

Handles every step of your ATM deposit workflow while giving you complete control.

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Universal Solution

Utilizes your existing ATMs, check software, processor and hardware.

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Affordable Integration

Installs in hours. Training takes just minutes.

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“We have been using EZ-ACT since August of 2012 and find that it is the greatest tool for automatic check deposit ATM’s ever! It’s wonderful that I don’t have to go out to the ATM and pull checks every day. I was able to pick up the process very quickly and now I don’t know how anyone can process checks from an ATM without EZ-ACT.” -Jennifer, Teller – Point Bank, Denton TX.


“We’re installing additional envelope-free ATMs and the installations are flawless. EZ ACT has helped us achieve the advantages of implementing check and cash envelope-free ATMs.” -Customers Bank, Phoenixville PA.


“We truly believe that you have a solution that the Fiserv’s and Jack Henry’s can’t solve for a community bank.” -Brazos Bank, Dallas TX.


“As CEO of Silver Bullet Technologies, I am proud to have partnered with ABC Coin in the development of EZ-ACT. This new software is designed to transfer check images and related data into the financial institutions existing check processing system. This simple but effective solution leverages the FI’s present investment in hardware and software, requiring little change in their current teller procedures. Designed to handle the implementation of any brand check and cash deposit ATM, EZ-ACT is a perfect fit for all institutions. This efficient and economical solution has made it possible for any size FI to move quickly and effectively to envelope-free deposit ATM’s.” – B. Clark


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