Frisco, TX., September 10, 2010 – ABC Coin, Inc., partnering with Silver Bullet Technology announced today the release of its newest software product, EZ-ACT (EZ Automatic Check Transfer.) Now, small to medium sized Financial Institutions can afford to offer the same service and convenience as the “Big” Banks, with the ability to deposit checks at the ATM.

The EZ-ACT solution provides a universal, automated process for handling the checks deposited at one of the new envelope-free ATMs. Developed jointly by ABC Coin and Silver Bullet, EZ-ACT is considerably more cost effective than utilizing either existing labor to manually retrieve and process the checks or the daunting task and expense of developing acustom integration. More importantly, EZ-ACT gives Banks and Credit Unions the advantage of utilizing their existing investment in check imaging hardware and software. This results in the financial institution remaining consistent in their operational processes, saving both time and money. EZ-ACT is a simple, efficient and effective solution.
Deposit Automation has been adopted and advertised by the large banks for some time now. The hardware has been available to the small and midsized financial institutions, but until EZ-ACT, the cost of integration to effectively process the checks was prohibitive for most financial institutions,” said Jim Fox, Owner of ABC Coin. “EZ-ACT will give the banks and credit unions we serve the ability to compete with the big banks.” With EZ-ACT there are no additional hardware requirements, training is done in minutes, not days, and the installation takes less than two hours. EZ-ACT with its “plug-and-play” integration provides a solution to the high cost, confusion and difficulty of processing checks deposited at ATMs. Patent Pending.

About ABC Coin, Inc.
Frisco, TX based ABC Coin is a technology developer and one of the largest independent distributors of coin and currency handling equipment in the US. ABC Coin serves a broad market including financial institutions, retail, vending, and CIT companies. Dedicated to providing the innovative solutions needed to accommodate the evolving needs of their customers, ABC Coin’s focus is on Self Service Machines and Branch Automation. For more information, visit ABC Coin website.

About Silver Bullet Technology
Pensacola, FL based Silver Bullet Technology is a recognized expert in check scanner software development, resulting in a global reputation for providing advanced Check 21 tools and impeccable technical support and services. Silver Bullet works directly with financial institutions, scanner manufacturers and software vendors to make check scanners plug-and-play compatible with existing software solutions. For more information, visit Silver Bullet website.



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