Frequently Asked Questions.


Are you PCI Compliant?

EZ-ACT is compliant with the guidelines set forth by PCI.

Do you verify that all deposits are transfered?

Yes.  EZ-ACT will tell you the total number of items and the total number successfully transferred.

Do you submit a “Cash Letter”?

EZ-ACT works with your existing system and doesn’t require you to have a separate “system” for checks deposited at the ATM.

Do you provide an X9.37 file?

EZ-ACT enables you to use your existing check processing system for the clearing of the checks.  There is no need to generate a separate X9.37 file.

Do you charge a per transaction fee?

Once you purchase EZ-ACT there are no separate transaction fees.

Can you work with my current check processing system?

Yes.  EZ-ACT’s universal integration through the hardware scanner works with any check processing system that is running one of our supported scanners.

What is the difference between EZ-ACT and a “direct interface”?

As a company that started down this path years ago, we can tell you that direct integrations are difficult, costly, take a long time to develop, are fragile, and at the end of the day leave you with a system that can be unreliable and depends on blind processing of the deposits.  EZ-ACT is totally different.  We “de-mystify” the complete procedure and allow you to use your existing investment in a check processing system to process the ATM deposits the same way you handle all of your other deposits taken in over the counter.

How often are checks processed?

The beauty of EZ-ACT is that you are in control.  You can run a batch anytime you choose, once a day, twice a day; it’s completely up to you.  However we do have an “auto batch” function that you can set to separate business days.  Most of our customers adopt a policy similar to their batch processing policy for their over the counter tellers.

During your “verification process”, what happens if changes are made?

We create a summary report for each batch and individual exceptions for any changes.  A PDF file is generated showing all of the transaction details, the declared amount, the amount that it was changed to, and even a copy of the image of the check so that you can print or e-mail this file for justification.

How long does EZ-ACT take to install and train?

EZ-ACT installation is a very simple process taking only a matter of hours, unlike months with other systems.  Training takes only minutes due to its simple intuitive process that replicates what you do today in order to process checks taken over the counter.

I have multiple brands of deposit automated ATMs. Will EZ-ACT work?

Yes.  EZ-ACT can work seamlessly with deposit automated ATMs from different manufacturers, even if they are located at the same branch.

Is EZ-ACT secure?

Yes.  EZ-ACT is your system and works within your network.  You are not relying on a separate system or someone else to process and clear the checks for you.

If my ATM host only offers “Envelope Emulation”, does EZ-ACT help with the processing of the Cash Deposits?

If my ATM host only offers “Envelope Emulation”, does EZ-ACT help with the processing of the Cash Deposits?

Yes.  Unlike other systems that only try to work with the checks that are deposited, EZ-ACT also has a Cash option that will help expedite the funds availability for cash that is deposited.

Can I operate more than 1 ATM from a single workstation?

Can I operate more than 1 ATM from a single workstation?

Yes.  You can choose how you want to process your deposits from your ATMs.  You can run one or all of your ATMs from a single workstation.

Why did EZ-ACT partner with Silver Bullet Technology?

Silver Bullet Technology is the undisputed leader in scanner communication between the scanner hardware and check processing software.  They also write the APIs for most major scanner hardware manufacturers.  Our partnering with them enables EZ-ACT to work with just about every check processing software company out there.

Will EZ-ACT work with “off-site” ATMs?

Yes.  In your branch, or across town, 1 or 100 ATMs, and one or multiple manufacturers, EZ-ACT can work it’s magic for you.

Do you have any references?

Yes.  Please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with references for your particular ATM brand.

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