Your ATM's - doing what they're supposed to do.

Delivering true Deposit Automation

Have you found out your automated deposit ATM’s aren’t so automated?

The road to Deposit Automation is full of twists and turns that can leave your FI wishing for the good old days. Today’s manual integrations only appear automated to the customer leaving the FI duplicating efforts in the back office and scrambling to control resources, while custom integrations typically take months or years of time and money. EZ-ACT’s development was based on how the vast majority of our FI customers currently process checks. The result? EZ-ACT is a low-cost, easy to install, powerful Deposit Automation solution that is easy to understand and implement and will deliver added value and efficiency to your back office, your teller line, and your customer.


Deposit Automation made easy.

EZ-ACT Deposit Automation enables financial institutions to offer their account holders the ability to deposit checks and cash* directly into an Automated Deposit ATM and have the funds post to the account as if the person had walked into the branch and handed the deposit to a teller. Unlike other integrations, EZ-ACT is a universal, low-cost solution that saves the FI time and resources while allowing them to provide new services to their account holders.

EZ-ACT can process checks from one or multiple ATM’s, locally or in other areas, batch process the deposits to a central location or to multiple EZ-ACT Workstations and keeps the branch staff from needing to retrieve checks from remote locations on a daily basis. All check images, account data and account holder information is encrypted from the moment it is detected by EZ-ACT ATM Software through the deposit process.

Top Benefits of Using EZ-ACT Deposit Automation.

  • Give account holders the flexibility to deposit check & cash on their schedule.
  • Extend your reach and customer base. Offer branch services via remote ATMs.
  • Reduce security risks and costs associated with retrieving check and cash deposits.
  • Provide new services to your account holder.
  • Remote batch processing from remote locations.
  • Local and remote backup and archival capabilities built-in.
  • Full administrative reporting features for easy reconciliation and trace .

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